This is  a blog about various children’s crafts I have thought of, mostly for my pre school Sunday School students. However, I will also include crafts I thought of when I taught pre school or thought of elsewhere.  I will only post crafts that I, personally, thought of, in an effort not to copy anyone. However, sometimes those of us who work with children  think alike, so you may see something you or someone else has thought of, but I assure you, that the duplicate nature is not intended.   Since most of these crafts are crafts that I did with my pre school Sunday School class, I also want to share that it also works quite well to do a non craft activity from time to time. Sometimes we simply play a game or  play with a toy or do a puzzle together that correlates with the lesson. We also do our share of acting the story and playing with musical instruments.  Although most of my posts will have originally been  Sunday School  crafts, I hope that users of this blog can be encouraged to use the ideas for their school, home school, spare time, or any other way it is useful to them. With children’s art, the  process is more important than the product, so this blog is more about ideas, and not really about perfect end products.